Underconstruction - a multimedia project

UTS Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre
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Recording, Oral
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Underconstruction is creative arts research project in the fields of Fine Arts, exhibition, publishing and urban intervention. It explores perspectives of urbanism in relation to various global migrant flows and (dis)locations in urban space and in the construction of urban neighborhoods. Underconstruction is defined in the urban spaces and geographies in transformation, as well as in the consequent impact on redefining the concept of local and national culture and definitions of state and nation. Underconstruction is not intended to be an inventory or even a detailed plan, but rather a critical analysis within the context of an artistic intervention, dialogue and debate, starting from a multimedia exhibition and publication. Curated by Paul Goodwin, and with an artistic project by Mónica de Miranda, the exhibition has a core of works by the artist. The exhibition also has the participation of Artery Architects, Artur Moreira, Vasco & Sofia Borges Coelho and José Carlos Teixeira.
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