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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Walking notes : memoir with landscapeBeudel, SM
2002Waltzing matildas : a study of select Australian women explorers, 1840s - 1940sCadzow, Allison Jane
2017War on architecture : scenographic strategies in tracing post-war home in the former SFR YugoslaviaMrdjenović, Nevena
2007Warriors of the new gold mountainKuipers, RA
2017Water and dreams : exploring Bachelard's concepts through new audiovisual works for the oboeWalsh, Linda Susan
2008A water cycle management strategy for local governmentKeraunos, N
2007Water quality and toxicity assessment of streams flowing from the Wakehurst Golf Course and surroundsMarshman, Peter
2006Water quality in the Hasouna Wellfields, Western Jamahirya System, Great Man Made River Project (GMRP)Sahli, NIM
2008The water-energy nexus : a comprehensive analysis in the context of New South WalesMarsh, DM
2019Wavelet based multimedia data compression techniquesHakami, Hanadi Ahmad M
2007"We ARE America!" cultural politics and Chicano movement legacies in the work of Los Tigres del Norte and El VezRodríguez, Mariana
2019We are what we eat : identifying a regulatory crosstalk between central carbon metabolism and cell division in bacteriaMann, Riti
2017We gather here…Holdforth, Lucinda Alice
2000We love to hate help deskBauer, Leesa Maree
2015Web service interfaces design for e-business applicationsHong, Sia Minh
2005Web services design in context of domain specific e-businessMeesathit, Sooksathit
2011Weighted kernel method for text categorizationZhang, L
2018West African migrant women in Australia : stories of resilience and strengthSowole, Olutoyin Oluwakemi
2003What are the characteristics and driving forces behind the creativity and vision of successful Lebanese immigrants?Mansour, Suzanne
2009What characterises the Australian film industry and film making culture in the period 1989-2005 and has the global film industry in Australia had an impact on it?Duff, Lisa Maree