Screenplay : in the voodoo parlour of Marie Laveau adaptation of the play "In the voodoo parlour of Marie Laveau" by Frank Gagliano

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This dissertation presents and works out the creative and practical challenges of adapting a 1969 avant-garde play – In the Voodoo Parlour of Marie Laveau, “an unsung Voodoo chamber opera in one long act and a prologue” – into a screenplay for a full-length motion picture. The endeavour was chosen as an attempt to explore, and perhaps widen, conventional parameters of film in an effort to create a lasting impression upon regular moviegoers; one that would deeply convey the theme of the original work and provide the transformational experience described by Aristotle as the requisite and purpose of drama. The search for an appropriate style and analysis of relevant theatrical, film and musical forms – the differences and commonalities between them as well as their relationship with each other – culminated in the creative work, the screenplay In the Voodoo parlour of Marie Laveau, an unsung Voodoo-ritual grand opera feature film – a new form of screenplay for the motion picture genre.
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