A practical idea creation, capture and management framework for innovation

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Innovation is an activity essential to the success of individuals, organizations and wider society. Idea creation, capture and management account for a significant part of the innovation process, and yet have been widely disregarded by individuals, organizations and society. A small (and growing) number of individuals and organizations have begun to realize this and have moved to implement innovation frameworks in their own contexts. These tools and previous work address innovation from an organizational standpoint. However, it is individuals that initiate, create, cultivate and implement ideas. This thesis proposes a research-based framework that supports innovation which is instigated and driven by individuals. The key objective is to provide methods for structuring and sharing ideas, thus supporting innovators and driving the innovation process. The thesis develops the framework through analysis of existing tools, as well as a qualitative and quantitative analysis of innovator’s practices and mindset. In summary, this thesis presents a new paradigm of mobile open innovation that allows individuals to share and pursue their ideas with greater efficiency and ease. This new perspective in conjunction with the framework improves innovation practice and benefits the productivity of organizations and the world.
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