Collaborative coding in the cloud : providing a paradigm shift to the way software development is achieved in environments of the future

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This research aims to address a number of challenges surrounding traditional software development practices, including the need for team transparency, synergy between project components and developers who are weighed down by desktop based environments. A cloud computing model is discussed, including a hypothesis on the required platform to solve many of these challenges. A number of previous research agendas are raised; including extensions to the JEdit and Eclipse IDEs, purpose built collaborative platforms, and an IDE that operates on a mobile device. Two cases studies around Google Wave and Mozilla Bespin are raised, and how industry leaders are addressing these challenges. Through a qualitative survey, the needs of a developer and perceptions behind cloud computing are raised with a discrete range of industry professionals. A proposed model is provided, which aims at borrowing concepts traditionally found in social networking yet applies them toward a software development context, and highlights a number of recommendations for success. A research subset is then chosen to provide a technical implementation of a Google Wave agent, aimed at assisting distributed teams with cross communication and autonomous up-skill. Finally, the research outcome answers the question of whether an IDE can be deployed within cloud based architectures and be adopted by the software development community. Given the infancy of the platform, the research outcome finds that immediate deployment of the proposed platform cannot be realized, and that researchers are dependent on platform maturity before successful deployment and adoption can be achieved. The overall research provides a number of future research directions, including reassessment of the philosophy proposed throughout this research, implementation of the proposed framework, or improvements focused on the communication and collaboration agent developed. The research fulfills a number of research areas required in the arenas of communication and collaboration among the software engineering community.
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