The changing value of interfirm relationships (sustainability)

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This thesis is a study of the interpersonal nature of the interfirm buyer-seller relationship through which the impact of the key thematic processes of relational trust, sustainability and communications are considered. The integrating theory of complexity is reviewed as a way of viewing the dynamic nature of interfirm relationships, and serves as the binding force in the discussion. The literature review considers the evolution of interfirm relational sustainability through examination of contemporary research. The methodology which has been developed combines quantitative and qualitative research techniques. The first stage, the quantitative research utilizes an existing database of business relationship interviews to provide general insights and augments this with the findings from the qualitative research, which consists of a series of depth interviews with people from different industries. The results of the research largely confirm the findings of the literature and empirical analysis that communication, relational sustainability and trust can be explained through the use of complex adaptive systems.
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