A new approach to applying discrete sliding mode control to 2D systems

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Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 2013, pp. 3584 - 3589
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Sliding mode control has been applied previously to a specific form of 2D systems (Roesser model). In this paper a new approach (ID vectorial form) is introduced for this problem. Using ID form to represent 2D systems can be used as an alternative strategy to reduce the inherent complexity of 2D systems and their applications. Unlike Wave Advanced Model (WAM) form (proposed by Porter and Aravena), the suggested ID vectorial form, in this paper, has invariable dimension and consequently can be converted to regular form for sliding mode control (SMC). In this paper, the first Fornasini and Marchesini (FM) model of 2D systems which is a second order recursive form is considered. Meantime, the suggested method can be simply deployed to other first or second order 2D models. ©2013 IEEE.
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