British Army dispatches reporting from Burma and Singapore, including Japanese surrender, 1945

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Series of Dispatches in Burma and Singapore written by PRS Mani for British Army, focusing on Indian troops, from 07 Mar 1945 – 22 Sep 1945. P.R.S. Mani, captain in the British Army serving in PR Unit, typed documents then annotated them in final draft before dispatch.

Dispatches are in between 7 March and 22 September although none in April.

Those from March, May and June describe Indian troops’ pursuit of retreating Japanese (prior to unconditional surrender on August 15) through Central Burma towards Rangoon. Includes patrols and battles around Pegu, in forested area called Pegu Yomas. Only one dispatch from July – describing praise for Indian troops by British Commanding officer. Only one in August, on 14th August, describing Indian troops ‘wild with joy’ on hearing of Japanese unconditional surrender (not announced officially till August 15).

Then one cluster with dates in September – from 3 to 22 – which detail Indian troops landing in Singapore, receiving a rousing welcome as liberators by local people, and reports of various tributes paid to Indian troops. Includes descriptions of various poignant meetings with newly released POWs, the most moving of which (Sept 13 and 14) are the interactions between Indian POWs and the Indian troops who release them.

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