Revelation through concealment

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The title of this research project, Revelation Through Concealment, is derived from a quote by art critic David Bourdon’s description of Christo and Jeanne Claude's art practice involving the wrapping of monuments and landscapes in fabrics as a ‘revelation through concealment1’ thereby revealing the form and shape of the object in the draped cloth and creating a new surface. As such, the title effectively captures the research that is being undertaken in this project which consists of a practice based work and a written component. The practice consists of a series of research projects that explore the body and concealment which culminates in a range of four looks involving a combination of masks and garments. Through interpreting the dressed body as a static object, the garment design situates the work within a conceptual fashion context, one that encompasses performance and the investigation of concepts and discourses concerning the body. The textual component outlines the framework through which representation, the gaze, the body and identity are being investigated in the creative work and situates the body of work in a context of other contemporary fashion practitioners that are exploring the body within alternative contexts.
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