User unified software design method : a software design method for Software as a Service (SaaS) applications under cloud computing

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NO FULL TEXT AVAILABLE. This thesis contains 3rd party copyright material. ----- Cloud computing enables business innovation, globalisation of businesses using the internet, cost efficiencies of cloud outsourcing resulting in businesses gaining competitiveness, and productivity at lower costs. Software as a Service (SaaS) again will continue to take largest share of cloud expenditures. Software as a Service delivers business and IT functionality in a unified form of “business IT service” which impacts the business model and the ways business is conducted for businesses adopting cloud computing . As a result, this changes the way user and consumer organisations develop, purchase and manage software applications including integration to legacy applications, providing a different IT model compared to the traditional model of IT outsourcing of application development to service providers. The current IT project based software design and developments methods are still required for developing this kind of “unified business IT service” applications. In this research, a software design method (User Unified Services Design Method) based on an enterprise business IT alignment approach, achieved through the alignment of architecture, governance, and communication and an integrated services repository is proposed. A pilot case study research approach is used to develop a customer relationship management system ( Software as a Service (SaaS) for two small medium size (SME) enterprises on site using the proposed design method. The evaluation of the proposed design method effectiveness is conducted by interviewing the subject matter experts for the 2 small medium size enterprises pilot case studies. The research has found that the business IT alignment approach through alignment of business model, business architecture, IT architecture enables new business services and lines of business to be developed under cloud computing using the proposed software design method. The alignment through governance and communication result in organisational changes in the business processes to be more efficient and also there are cultural changes in terms of staff and inter departmental communications. The proposed design method business IT alignment approach is able to integrate legacy applications at the enterprise level. The integration with legacy systems is met with RSSBus which is “lightweight middleware” open enterprise service bus which provides the integration from the legacy applications to the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management Service. This is simple to use and meets the needs of the small medium enterprises as it provides standards based interfaces for easy configuration. The research has found that there the proposed User Unified Services Design Method is effective for developing Software as a Service applications under cloud computing for small medium enterprises. The proposed software design method can be used by IT practitioners in developing Software as a Service (SaaS) applications requiring integration to legacy applications under cloud computing for small to medium size businesses.
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