Road terrain type classification based on laser measurement system data

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Conference Proceeding
Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation, ACRA, 2012
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For road vehicles, knowledge of terrain types is useful in improving passenger safety and comfort. The conventional methods are susceptible to vehicle speed variations and in this paper we present a method of using Laser Measurement System (LMS) data for speed independent road type classification. Experiments were carried out with an instrumented road vehicle (CRUISE), by manually driving on a variety of road terrain types namely Asphalt, Concrete, Grass, and Gravel roads at different speeds. A looking down LMS is used for capturing the terrain data. The range data is capable of capturing the structural differences while the remission values are used to observe anomalies in surface reflectance properties. Both measurements are combined and used in a Support Vector Machines Classifier to achieve an average accuracy of 95% on different road types.
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