Danish Design at the House

Exhibition at the Sydney Opera House
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Gerard Reinmuth was Head Curator of a major exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House. He was assisted by co-curator Karen Kjaergaard. The exhibition opened as part of a weekend of events centred around a celebratory visit by the Danish Crown Prince couple, HRH Prince Frederik and HRH Princess Mary who attended the opening of the exhibition on October 25. The exhibition features a cross section of Danish design innovations in a thematic structure which relates to the innovations which make the Opera House such a relevant and inspiring building today, some 40 years after its completion. The thematic structure also provided a frame to invite six young Danish architects to work on specific elements of the exhibition in collaboration with the curators: Materiality (Thomas Bo Jensen); Craft (CITA); Pragmatism (Claus Pryds); Human (Johannes Pedersen, NORD Architects); Technology (David Garcia, MAP Architects); Desire (Mette Weinberg).
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