8 stories : a new language in portrait photography using video and sound as a platform/framework

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Still photography has evolved into a new discipline of storytelling. Media platforms have become easily accessible and layered and an editorial photographer’s strength must now include structuring a story with skill, and with multiple devices. The aptitude for mastering software has replaced the skill of understanding light, color temperature, and film emulsions. Traditional skills focus on capture rather than retouching and enhancement. Prioritizing capture amplifies the connection to the subject; prioritizing retouching or post-production creates a veneer. If all the tools are new with increasing ease at which we can extend and modify our photographs, how is the process of changing one’s self as a photographer to be approached? Eight Stories examines the styles and photographic techniques of six artists. Diane Arbus and her obsession with her subjects; Andy Warhol’s view of life as art, Alfred Hitchcock’s beliefs in dramatic economy, Jean Cocteau’s poetic love of beauty, Chris Marker’s exploration of memory and time, and Shirin Neshat’s explorations in social justice. Using their work as a platform, Eight Stories explores a method of merging media from analogue photography to digital formats as a method of storytelling, illustrating the development of a new digital voice in portraiture.
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