Double World

Building 20, Newington Armory, Sydney Olympic Park
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Double World The Double World is an installation experience created by tranSTURM that explores motion capture data and motion capture technologies as visual, audio and spatial elements used across three chambers to create a meaningful, immersive installation experience. Central to The Double World is the Orphic myth. Of the many seminal moments in the story of Orpheus and his famous decent into the Underworld the mysteries of Orpheus and the River Styx will be explored through three chambers. The Mysteries of Orpheus according to legend Orpheus was associated with two powerful but opposing gods - Apollo and Dionysus. The three chambers of Building 20 reveal the god halves of Orpheus - Dionysus and Apollo. The attributes of order and chaos are explored through choreography and traced using motion capture technology. These traces are further animated and sonified and these digital assets comprise the installation media used to animate and sonfiy three chambers that further explore the properties of stillness and disturbance as interconnecting moments and experiences in each chamber. I was the Creative Director of the Double World and contributed to the creative content along with other artists including Mike Day, Gavin Perrin, Michaela Coe, Rachel Priddle, Jason Benedek and Colin Black. The Double World was visited by over 1800 people during its exhibition and was part of the Youth Eco Summit 2013 at the Armory.
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