Real-time performance analysis of mobile networks for emerging services in UMTS/HSDPA

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Whereas the network performance in terms of service capabilities and spectrum efficiency has been significantly improved due to the advanced mobile networks and technologies, the inherent high-interference due to the air interface of the Radio Access Networks (RAN) and varying Quality of Service (QoS) requirements per service per user are continuously challenging the performance of mobile cellular networks. The network performance can be measured and analysed by selected Key Performance Indicators (KPI). To further study mobile network performance in the context of provisions of services, computer simulations are commonly used for modeling and optimisations. However, the mobile network performance obtained during real-time measurements is very dependent on the particular service, location, network/service providers, infrastructure, user equipment, dynamic change of mobile traffic density and so on, while the simulation environment is largely based on assumptions and simplifications of the real-world scenarios Therefore, this thesis focus on investigating the real-time performance measurements of commercial WCDMA and HSDPA networks for emerging multimedia services, such as video telephony and video streaming. Moreover, this thesis provides the feasibility of using real-time performance measurements as a supplementary research methodology and finally implementing the methodology to make more accurate and realistic MATLAB-based computer simulations for WCDMA and HSDPA RRM functionalities.
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