Inter-Firm Network Dynamics: Australian and Indian Mining Firms

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Citation:, 2014
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Building upon knowledge-based and network views this pilot study presents a new conceptual model “The Relational Capability-Linkages Model” for stimulating internationalisation in the context of the booming mining industry in Australia. The purpose of the paper is to demonstrate the potential benefits of inter-firm linkages, between Australian and Indian mining firms, which subsequently lead to relational capability building and emergent modes of internationalisation. The ensued relational capability of a) realisation b) assessing c) knowledge and resource sharing, d) opportunity sharing and e) product and process co-adaptation and f) co-innovation were identified as critical capabilities in the context of enhancing internationalisation, there by underpinning the conceptual framework. This research contributes distinctively to the international business literature by synthesizing two theoretical strands the actor-network theory (Callon and Latour 1992) and the relational capability theory (Birley et al. 1991), to investigate the importance of networks and relational linkages for enhancing the firm’s capability for enhanced internationalisation. Results suggest that the firms primarily developed linkages with customers, suppliers, distributors and even competitors locally and globally with resultant benefits of relational capability and enhanced internationalisation.
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