Improvement Of EEG Signal Recording With Non-Contact Electrodes In An Headset System

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Journal Article
International journal of biomedical engineering and science, 2014, 1 (3), pp. 1 - 13
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This paper presents methods in recording satisfactory EEG signals using non-contact capacitive EPIC electrodes in a headset system. The method involves incorporating only a single pair (two) of non-contact capacitive electrodes, positioned at targeted site of the scalp. The second important aspect is the consideration of the headset systems for maintaining stable position and contact at the interface between headset-based non-contact EPIC electrodes system and the targeted sites of scalp skin. The critical aspect is the optimization evaluation of contact pressure at the interface between headset-based non-contact EPIC electrode and scalp to minimising movement of the electrode with respect to the skin, and this will directly affect the optimal quality of the recording EEG signals. Thus, the classification performance of the recorded EEG signals can be optimised with maximum of subject comfort.
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