Notes for walking an augmented landscape : spatial narrative, walked practices and locative technologies

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Since the early 2000s, media artists have explored the area of location awareness through diverse locative media projects in which geographical space acts as an interface for artistic engagement and intervention, mediated by mobile devices. Many of these locative artworks involve navigating landscapes annotated or augmented with personal, social or historical narrative and meaning, in which landscape acts an interface to specific digital contents. Such place-based storytelling projects involve annotation, narrative spatialisation and movement though a simultaneously real world and virtually augmented space. Certain older cultural practices also involve complex relationships between spatial narrative, annotated landscape and movement though space; such as pilgrimage, the ars memoria and similar walked and embodied practices. This thesis investigates the potential relationships between these earlier practices and contemporary approaches to spatial annotation and augmentation in locative projects through field and practice-based research. It is also a creative exploration of spatial narrative and practices of walking an annotated, augmented landscape; researching the ways in which an understanding of earlier cultural practices might extend and enrich our approaches to locative media and to modes of engaging audiences in location based work. The research leads to the development of a set of creative artefacts as responses to these investigations; culminating in Notes for Walking (the space in-between time), a locative artwork exhibited within the Sydney Festival in January 2013.
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