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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Quantal Response Equilibrium – A Stochastic Theory of GamesGoeree, J; Holt, C; Palfrey, T
Jan-2012Reconstructing Keynesian Macroeconomics Volume 1: Partial PerspectivesChiarella, C; Flaschel, P; Semmler, W
2020Redeeming Leadership: An Anti-Racist Feminist InterventionLiu, H
21-Jul-2015Research Methods for Arts and Event ManagementVeal, AJ; Burton, C
20-Mar-2014Research Methods in Sport Studies and Sport Management: A Practical GuideVeal, AJ; Darcy, SA
1-Oct-2017A Review of Third Sector Research in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand: 1990–2016Onyx, JA; Nowland-Foreman, G; Horton-smith, D
Jan-2004Social Capital & Community Building - spinning straw into goldLeonard, R; Onyx, J
1-Jan-2013Social psychology and theories of consumer culture: A political economy perspectiveMcDonald, M; Wearing, S
1-Jan-2017Strategy: Theory and PracticeClegg, SR; Schweitzer, J; Whittle, A; Pitelis, C
2019Sugar Daddy Capitalism the Dark Side of the New EconomyFleming, P
1-Mar-2017Sustainability and Organizational Change ManagementClegg, SR; Matos,, JA
1-Jul-2016Sustainability and Organizational Change ManagementClegg, SR; Matos,, JA
2016Sustainable Asset Accumulation and Dynamic Portfolio DecisionsChiarella, C; Semmler, W; Hsiao, C; Mateane, L
Jan-2011Sydney Olympic Park 2000 to 2010: History and LegacyCashman, R
15-Jul-2018Technologies of Refuge and Displacement Rethinking Digital DividesLeung, L
Jan-2009Technology's Refuge: the use of technology by asylum seekers and refugeesLeung, LT; Finney Lamb, C; Emrys, L
10-Feb-2017Technology-driven productivity improvements and the future of work: Emerging research and opportunitiesRoos, G
1-Jan-2010Tourist cultures: Identity, place and the travellerWearing, S; Stevenson, D; Young, T
2010Understanding the sustainable development of tourismLiburd, J; Edwards, D; Liburd, J; Edwards, D
Jan-2005Virtual Ethnicity: Race, resistance and the world wide webLeung, LT