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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2016P-FUTURES: Towards urban food &amp; water security through collaborative design and impactIwaniec, DM; Metson, GS; Cordell, D
1-Dec-2016Packaging Sustainability in Consumer Companies in Emerging Markets: Final ReportKelly, S; Lewis, H; Atherton, A; Downes, J; Wyndham, J; Giurco, D
Jan-2006Pain and mythology: disability support pension recipients and workMorris, A
2017pandas are the best peopleMcSmith, SA; Misso, G
22-Sep-2017Panel: Context-Dependent Evaluation of Tools for NL RE Tasks: Recall vs. Precision, and beyondBerry, DM; Cleland-Huang, J; Ferrari, A; Maalej, W; Mylopoulos, J; Zowghi, D
Jan-2007Paradigm shift to long-termism: action plan for the Australian finance sectorAtherton, AM; Lewis, J; Plant, R
1-Jan-2013Parallel flow boiler designs to minimise erosion and corrosion from dust loaded flue gasesPeterseim, JH; Hellwig, U; Endrullat, K
Jan-2011Parkes Shire Council: Distributed energy plan - information sheetRutovitz, J; Langham, E; Ison, N; Dunstan, C
Jan-2011Parkes Shire Council: Distributed energy plan - reportRutovitz, J; Langham, E; Ison, N; Dunstan, C
Jan-2012Parkes Shire Council: Small Wind Site AssessmentRoss, K; Rutovitz, J
Feb-2010Partial Carbon Permits Allocation of Potential Emission Trading Scheme in Australian Electricity MarketXun Zhou; James, G; Liebman, A; Zhao Yang Dong; Ziser, C
1-Aug-2012A Participatory Assessment of NRM Capacity to Inform Policy and Practice: Cross-Scale Evaluation of Enabling and Constraining FactorsLeith, P; Jacobs, B; Brown, PR; Nelson, R
1-Dec-2016Participatory Budgeting in Australian Local Government: An Initial Assessment and Critical IssuesChristensen, HE; Grant, B
1-Jan-2015A participatory mixed methods approach to researching household water use in Gosford, AustraliaThornton, N; Riedy, C
1-Dec-2012Participatory monitoring and evaluation to aid investment in natural resource manager capacity at a range of scalesBrown, PR; Jacobs, B; Leith, P
1997Participatory processes for citizenship for people with intellectual disabilitiesRyan, R
2018Partnering for more effective aid and developmentWinterford, KH; Smales, P
5-Dec-2018Party politics and local government in Australia: Stability, change and implications for Australia’s polityDewhurst, C; Grant, B; Huuskes, L
2012Past reflections: future plans. An independent evaluation of AusAID’s support to rural WASH in Timor LesteCrawford, P; Willetts, JR
1-Dec-2014Past remarkable: Using life stories to trace alternative futuresPalmer, J