Optimal Enumeration: Efficient Top-k Tree Matching

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Conference Proceeding
2015, 8 (5), pp. 533 - 544
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Driven by many real applications, graph pattern matching has attracted a great deal of attention recently. Consider that a twigpattern matching may result in an extremely large number ofmatches in a graph; this may not only confuse users by providing too many results but also lead to high computational costs. In this paper, we study the problem of top-k tree pattern matching; that is, given a rooted tree T, compute its top-k matches in a directed graph G based on the twig-pattern matching semantics. We firstly present a novel and optimal enumeration paradigm based on the principle of Lawler's procedure. We show that our enumeration algorithm runs in O(n T + log k) time in each round where n T is the number of nodes in T. Considering that the time complexity to output a match of T is O(n T ) and n T = log k in practice, our enumeration technique is optimal. Moreover, the cost of generating top-1 match of T in our algorithm is O(m R ) where m R is the number of edges in the transitive closure of a data graph G involving all relevant nodes to T. O(m R ) is also optimal in the worst case without preknowledge of G. Consequently, our algorithm is optimal with the running time O(mR +k(n T +log k)) in contrast to the time complexity O(m R log k+kn T (log k+d T )) of the existing technique where d T is the maximal node degree in T. Secondly, a novel priority based access technique is proposed, which greatly reduces the number of edges accessed and results in a significant performance improvement. Finally, we apply our techniques to the general form of top-k graph pattern matching problem (i.e., query is a graph) to improve the existing techniques. Comprehensive empirical studies demonstrate that our techniques may improve the existing techniques by orders of magnitude.
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