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NO FULL TEXT AVAILABLE. Access is restricted indefinitely. ----- When Faheem Lodhi is convicted of plotting a terrorist attack on Australia’s electricity grid, Elle Kennedy is oblivious to the case. But unexpectedly, it sets her on a search for the truth behind the murder of her father during the twilight of the Cold War. After years determined to forget the confusion of shock and betrayal, Elle is now forced to revisit her love for her father and her loss. Through the machinations of the International Electrotechnical Commission and the Ivanov spy scandal which rocked Australia in the 1980s, she finally comes to understand who her father was and what led to his destruction. Resistance is a story of tragedy, grief and short-circuited family relationships. It is also a story of love. This thesis is the product of several years of research into the craft of writing. Included is the manuscript of my novel, Resistance, the final product of that research. It is a literary work with a domestic foreground that provides a snapshot of Australia in the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s. The murder and the search for its understanding are the backdrop to revealing something of Australia’s recent social history, to telling about an era when many people were spied upon by Australia’s security agencies but very few were themselves real spies. It is my intention that the reader will be drawn on by the intrigue of the plot, by the freshness of the images and by the ease of understanding even the more complex technical references. I have tried to maintain a lightness and pace, while using a tone that is at times dark, lyrical and brooding. The main motif of the work is electricity and its associated images. Also included in this thesis is an essay, Guilty victim: authenticating the story of a damaged child-character, which explores one key aspect of the research process undertaken in order to complete the novel. It is a survey of the literary influences, the primary and secondary sources and the stylistic adoptions that helped me to develop the main character in Resistance.
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