The cardboard light

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NO FULL TEXT AVAILABLE. Access is restricted indefinitely. ----- The Cardboard Light is a story about disconnection and the ensuing sense of yearning. It describes the longing that exists in the liminal spaces we inhabit, and the search for a meaning in the unexpressed. The novel starts with the main character, Kate, sitting alone on a windswept beach in England. An elderly lady strides past her into the sea to drown herself. Kate wades in and manages to save Grace, but is then tormented by the knowledge that she has taken away Grace’s free will. Both she and her partner, Joe, are twenty years old, and he struggles to understand her moral dilemma. The story then jumps ahead twenty years. Kate, Joe and their children are now living in Australia, where they have been some ten years. Kate suffers from a deep homesickness, and as Joe does not share her feelings of dislocation she has withdrawn into a solitary world of memories and longing. By losing her connection with Joe she has lost her sense of identity and seeks to find herself in a new relationship. Lucas King is a freelance photographer who helps Kate to redefine herself - years of motherhood drop away and she is able to reinvent herself. Lucas follows her out to Italy where she succumbs to her desires, but where she soon discovers that only Joe can return her to a sense of self. To reconnect with Joe she realises she must share a secret about Grace that she has been keeping all these years. Only then will she stop yearning for what is not possible.
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