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2023-04Future shock: Ocean acidification and seasonal water temperatures alter the physiology of competing temperate and coral reef fishesMitchell, A; Hayes, C; Booth, DJ; Nagelkerken, I
2022-08-15Rainfall leads to elevated levels of antibiotic resistance genes within seawater at an Australian beach.Williams, NLR; Siboni, N; McLellan, SL; Potts, J; Scanes, P; Johnson, C; James, M; McCann, V; Seymour, JR
2022-07-01Mapping the development of a Dinophysis bloom in a shellfish aquaculture area using a novel molecular qPCR assayAjani, PA; Henriquez-Nunez, HF; Verma, A; Nagai, S; Uchida, H; Tesoriero, MJ; Farrell, H; Zammit, A; Brett, S; Murray, SA
2023-06Sand dune shrub species prioritize hydraulic integrity over transpirational cooling during an experimental heatwaveGong, X-W; Leigh, A; Guo, J-J; Fang, L-D; Hao, G-Y
2023-06-19Effects of e-vapour and high-fat diet on the immunohistochemical staining of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, apoptosis, microglia and astrocytes in the adult male mouse hippocampus.Chaaya, R; Steele, JR; Oliver, BG; Chen, H; Machaalani, R
2023-07-18Inflammatory and anti-viral responses to influenza A virus infection are dysregulated in pregnant mice with allergic airway disease.Vanders, RL; Gomez, HM; Hsu, AC; Daly, K; Wark, PAB; Horvat, JC; Hansbro, PM
2023-09-13Striatal Acetylcholine and Dopamine Interactions Produce Situation-appropriate Action Selection.Bradfield, LA; Becchi, S; Kendig, MD
2023-12-11Blood Biomarkers of Emphysema: What Can They Really Tell Us?van den Berge, M; Faiz, A
2023-12-21Modeling nontuberculous mycobacterial infections in zebrafish.Johansen, MD; Spaink, HP; Oehlers, SH; Kremer, L
2023-03-01Active coral propagation outcomes on coral communities at high-value Great Barrier Reef tourism sitesHowlett, L; Camp, EF; Edmondson, J; Hosp, R; Taylor, B; Coulthard, P; Suggett, DJ
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