Enhanced reliability of wireless body area network with abnormality detection and intelligent medium access control

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Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) is an emerging technology which utilizes wireless sensors on, around or in a human body to exchange information between a person and a control centre, which is connected to remote stations for further analysis. WBAN will generate more reliable and efficient services in health care and sports training facilities with the developing technology in information and communication. But the reliability is still a challenge for widespread applications due to some constraints. In order to enhance the reliability some faults control mechanisms can be considered from two aspects: fault management and fault prevention. The former remedies the data after detecting abnormal events and the later reduces the possibility of fail packets in transmission. So in this thesis two approaches are proposed for high reliability and better performances of WBAN. Firstly a comprehensive and effective method, which merges statistical analysis and intelligent computational model, is proposed to detect and identify abnormality in wireless communication. The principal component analysis (PCA) is utilized to acquire main features of the measured data and the K-means is combined to cluster various processes for abnormalities detection. And a back propagation (BP) neural network is constructed to identify and isolate faults. In addition to detect abnormality for fault information, the scheme of fault prevention is generated by intelligent management of Medium Access Control by suppressing sources of faults with smart strategies. A centralized scheduling mechanism is generated with a fuzzy control mechanism based on input parameters for better performance. It controls the contention window in contention access period (CAP) and slots allocation in contention free period (CFP) respectively according to nodes' priorities and status. The improved performance of throughput, latency, and packets breakdown are acquired by efficient usage of bandwidth and avoidance of collision. Furthermore this thesis proposes an intelligent management of multiple access schemes for contention access and contention free access simultaneously in MAC with game theory. An improved strategy is generated to manage various access schemes under different situations based on services and link states. Nodes in a network choose various strategies for best payoff according to different conditions including normal status, packets-oriented services, emergent situation and bad link states with specific utility functions. The novel management model supports flexible and efficient allocation of total resources and brings benefits for WBAN in different applications. The effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed approaches are evaluated with experimental data, simulation and analysis, which illustrates the enhanced reliability in WBAN and can be used to promote the development of WBAN application.
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