Expanded music : creating moving image works via musical intuition and process

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Moving image works made outside of mainstream narrative filmmaking practices engage in a rich variety of processes in realising their final form. Yet there remains a mystique around the artistic process behind this kind of work. This study is an investigation into the creation of a variety of moving image works that arise from processes of musical intuition as opposed to those traditionally associated with film or video production. The research has progressed with the intention of producing actual moving image works via studio experimentation and a variety of creative engagement while also examining and writing about the theories behind them. In doing so my agenda here is to identify and work with specific musical processes and mobilize them for various aspects of moving image creation. Coming from a background in music and morphing over time into a moving image practitioner I have intuitively used musical ideas to assist in all aspects of my work. Work by key scholars such as Bowman, reframe this intuitive process as emerging from a type of bodily knowledge. In producing the creative works for this Masters research project I have sought to interweave just such a corporeal awareness with an expansive understanding of rhythm as being the primary drivers of moving image creation. This combination has enabled me to draw attention to/highlight/uncover a variety of musical processes that have played a role in creating the wide range of moving image styles that are included as examples in the research project. Ultimately the research project contributes to and expands the dialogue around the boundaries of cinema and music with implications for alternative ways of theorising film and cross-art practice while illuminating new (for the author) artistic directions to pursue.
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