Explicit modeling on depth-color inconsistency for color-guided depth up-sampling

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Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, 2016, 2016-August
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© 2016 IEEE. Color-guided depth up-sampling is to enhance the resolution of depth map according to the assumption that the depth discontinuity and color image edge at the corresponding location are consistent. Through all methods reported, MRF including its variants is one of major approaches, which has dominated in this area for several years. However, the assumption above is not always true. Solution usually is to adjust the weighting inside smoothness term in MRF model. But there is no any method explicitly considering the inconsistency occurring between depth discontinuity and the corresponding color edge. In this paper, we propose quantitative measurement on such inconsistency and explicitly embed it into weighting value of smoothness term. Such solution has not been reported in the literature. The improved depth up-sampling based on the proposed method is evaluated on Middlebury datasets and ToFMark datasets and demonstrate promising results.
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