A 3-dimensional force field method for robot collision avoidance in complex environments

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Conference Proceeding
Automation and Robotics in Construction - Proceedings of the 24th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction, 2007, pp. 139 - 145
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This paper proposes a three-dimensional force field (3D-F 2) method for efficient motion planning and collision avoidance of a 6DOF manipulator in complex and dynamic environments while keeping the planned end-effector's path and speed unchanged. The 3D-F 2 is defined as ellipsoid shapes covering selected links of a manipulator. When the manipulator moves and its ellipsoid force field approaches to an obstacle in a tolerant range, a repulsive force will be generated and considered in the robot kinematic and dynamic analyses. In infrastructure maintenance, spray-painting and sand-blasting operations require that the operating spot "moves" smoothly and continuously along planned path on a work surface at a constant speed, and allow changes in length and orientation of the spray/blasting stream. Thus, the stream is supposed to be another link and the end of stream performs as a spherical joint fixed on the target surface. Various simulations in a construction area show that the 3D-F 2 can retain the operating path and effectively avoid potential collisions.
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