The work of art in the age of global culture : theory and practice

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This Thesis looks at two films by Wim Wenders with a view of examining how they represent the 'global city.' This thesis is not an examination of the films representation of 'the city' per se, but a consideration of the process of engagement between the films and the individual. The objective is to examine how viewers of the films engage with the cinematic process so as to enhance their awareness of and participation in the formation of the global city. By considering the role the films play in this process. I speculate on the continuing role of the work of art in the age of global culture. The scope of this Thesis is provided by two films about Berlin by Wenders. The Thesis explicates how these films aid their viewer to participate in the global city. The Thesis extrapolates three different levels of abstraction in its analysis: 1) at an empirical level by analysing the films; 2) at an historical and social level by analysing the city and citizenship; and 3) at a cultural level by analysing the role art can play in society today.
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