The significance of biomimetic membrane technology to biomedical applications

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Nanobiotechnology of biomimetic membranes, 2007, 1, pp. 1 - 21
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The application of nanotechnology principles and methodology to problems in biotechnology is providing an exciting discipline that will generate a revolution of novel applications in several arenas. Applications of nanotechnology range from novel nanosensors, to novel methods for sorting and delivering bioactive molecules, to novel drug-delivery systems. The philosophical approaches to findingsolutions to those application areas historically have reliedon engineering and the physical sciences to produce materials and processes that are then tested for efficacy in the biological environment. The difficulty in that approach is that it relies on an entirelyempiricalprocess in testing new materials or processes for compatibility in biological systems, and then subsequently for ultimatetesting of the new material or process in humans. Whilst ourintention with this book is not to denigrate the philosophy of that approach, nor to make claims that biological systems are completely predictable and thus able to be entirely modelled, the alternative approach that this book aims to address is that of nanobiotechnology. Put simply, the alternative that nanobiotechnology offers is to more closely utilise biological principles in guiding and influencing the materials and processes that are developed from engineering and the physical sciences for use in medical applications.
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