Generation of the global workspace roadmap of the 3-RPR using rotary disk search

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Journal Article
Mechanism and Machine Theory, 2014, 78 pp. 248 - 262
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Path planning for parallel manipulators in the configuration space can be a challenging task due to the existence of multiple direct kinematic solutions. Hence the aim of this paper is to define a generalised hierarchical path planning scheme for trajectory generation between two configurations in the configuration space for manipulators that exhibit more than one solution in their direct kinematics. This process is applied to the 3-RPR mechanism, constrained to a 2-DOF system by setting active joint parameter ρ1 to a constant. The overall reachable workspace is discretised and deconstructed into smaller patches, which are then stitched together creating a global workspace roadmap. Using the roadmap, path feasibility is obtained and local path planning is used to generate a complete trajectory. This method can determine a singularity-free path between any two connectible points in the configuration space, including assembly mode changes. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd.
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