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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006The knowledge-creating role of the internet in international business: evidence from VietnamNguyen, DT; Barrett, NJ
Jan-2002Knowledge-driven Processes can be ManagedDebenham, JK; McKay, B; Slaney, J
10-Aug-2016Knowledge-Sharing Adoption in Saudi Universities e-learning communitiesChandran, D; Alammari, A
Jan-2010A Knowledge: Learning-Based Perspective on Foreign Direct Investment and the Multinational EnterprisePitelis, C; Nijkamp, P; Siedschlag, I
2006Kolokol : spectres of the Russian bellKaminski, JD
-Kontented big video camera-
-Kontented production-
Jan-2001Korean Economic Miracle and Migrants in Australia: A 'Happy' Stage?Morita, K; Tamura, T
Jan-2004Korean health professionals' attitudes and knowledge toward organ donation and transplantationKim, J; Fisher, M; Elliott, D
May-2012Korean Immigrant Entrepreneurs in the Sydney Restaurant IndustryShin, J; Collins, J
Jan-2012Korean immigrant entrepreneurs in the Sydney Restaurant IndustryCollins, J
2014Korean Immigrant Entrepreneurs in the Sydney Restaurant IndustryCollins, JH; Shin, J
2014Korean jogiyuhaksaeng's early study abroad and bilingual development in AustraliaLee, BJ
2016Korean Medicine in General Practice: Current Status, Challenges, and Vision in Clinical EvidenceKim, T-H; Zaslawski, C; Kwon, S; Kang, JW
Jan-2008KPCA for semantic object extraction in imagesLi, J; Li, X; Tao, D
Jan-2012KrautrockMorton, T
2006Kth best algorithm for fuzzy bilevel programmingZhang, G; Lu, J; Dillon, T; Ding, Y., Ruan, D., Kerre, E.
Jan-2005The Kth-best approach for linear bilevel multi-follower programmingShi, C; Zhang, G; Lu, J
Jan-2007The Kth-best approach for linear bilevel multi-follower programming with partial shared variables among followersShi, C; Zhou, H; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Zhang, Z
Jan-2013Kullback-Leibler Divergence based Graph Pruning in Robotic Feature MappingWang, Y; Xiong, R; Li, Q; Huang, S; Juan Andrade-Cetto