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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007MicroRNA expression profiles in head and neck cancer cell linesTran, NT; Mclean, T; Zhang, X; Zhao, C; Thomson, J; O'Brien, C; Rose, B
Jan-2002A microRNA in a multiple-turnover RNAi enzyme complexHutvagner, GJ; Zamore, P
Mar-2015MicroRNAs and Malaria - A Dynamic Interaction Still Incompletely Understood.Cohen, A; Combes, V; Grau, GE
Jan-2009Microsatellite instability in Lactuca sativa chronically exposed to cadmiumMonteiro, M; Lopes, T; Mann, RM; Paiva, C; Soares, AM; Santos, C
Jan-2013Microsatellite primer development for the seagrass Zostera nigricaulis (Zosteraceae)Smith, TM; York, PH; Stanley, AM; Macreadie, PI; Keough, M; Ross, J; Sherman, C
2014Microscale optics and coral photobiologyWangpraseurt, D
Jan-2006Microscale patchiness of virioplanktonSeymour, JR; Seuront, L; Doubell, MJ; Waters, RL; Mitchell, JG
Jan-2012A microscopic description and ultrastructural characterization of Dientamoeba fragilis: an emerging cause of human enteric diseaseBanik, G; Birch, D; Stark, DJ; Ellis, JT
Jan-2002Microscopic Examination of Distribution and Phenotypic Properties of Phylogenetically Diverse Chloroflexaceae-Related Bacteria in Hot Spring Microbial MatsNubel, U; Bateson, MM; Vandieken, V; Wieland, A; Kuhl, M; Ward, DM
Oct-2015Microscopic examination of fingermark residues: Opportunities for fundamental studiesMoret, S; Spindler, X; Lennard, C; Roux, C
Jan-2005Microscopic hematuria in pregnancy: Relevance to pregnancy outcomeBrown, MA; Holt, J; Mangos, G; Murray, N; Curtis, J; Homer, CS
Jan-2003Microscopic structure of the mantle and palps in the freshwater mussels Velesunio ambigus and Hyridella depressa (Bivalvia : Hyriidae)Colville, AE; Lim, RP
21-Jul-2015Microsensor measurements of hydrogen gas dynamics in cyanobacterial microbial matsNielsen, M; Revsbech, NP; Kuehl, M
Jan-1992Microsensor measurements of sulfate reduction and sulfide oxidation in compact microbial communities of aerobic biofilmsKuhl, M; Jorgensen, BB
Jan-2010Microsensor Measurements Of The External And Internal Microenvironment Of Fucus Vesiculosus (Phaeophyceae)Spilling, K; Titelman, J; Greve, T; Kuhl, M
Jan-2004Microspotting streptavidin and double-stranded DNA arrays on gold for high-throughput studies of protein-DNA interactions by surface plasmon resonance microscopyZareie, HM; Shumaker-Parry, JS; Aebersold, R; Campbell, CT
Jan-2008Microstrain in hydroxyapatite carbon nanotube compositesKealley, CS; Elcombe, M; Van Riessen, A
Jan-2008Microstructural Analysis on Ti-6Al-4V and10 Vol.% (TiB+TiC)/Ti-6Al-4V Metal Matrix CompositesMak, JC; Wuhrer, R; Heness, GL; Qin, J; Lu, W; Zhang, D; Yeung, WY
Jan-2011Microstructure And Adherence Of Vitreous Enamel To Low Carbon SteelZhang, A; Jiang, Z; Jiao, S; Wei, D
Jan-2012Microstructure And Crystallography Of Zn-55Al-1.6Si Coating Spangle On SteelChen, RY; Yuen, D