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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Li Shenzhi, Liberalism and Grand Transformation in China (introduction)Feng, C; Feng Chongyi
Jan-2005Li storage properties of Ag and SnO2 nanopowders synthesised from reverse micellesAhn, J; Kim, YJ; Wang, G; Liu, HK
Jan-2013Li-ion adsorption and diffusion on 2D Silicon with defects: a first principles studySetiadi, J; Arnold, MD; Ford, M
2005Liability in negligence of clergy and churches in New South Wales for pastoral counselling for depressionSpaul, WG
Jan-2004Liberalism and Advanced Liberalism in Australian Indigenous AffairsWatson, V
Jan-2007Liberalism and Nationalism in Contemporary ChinaFeng, C
Jan-2009Liberalism in CCPFeng, C
Jan-2009Libertine Acts: Fashion and FurnitureMcNeil, PK; Potvin John
Jan-2013Liberty, Equality, Diversity: States, Cultures and, International LawVrdoljak, A; Ana Vrdoljak
Jan-2013The Librarian-As-Insider-EthnographerLymn, J
19-Feb-2007Libraries and Indigenous Knowledge: A National Forum for Libraries, Archives and Information ServicesNakata, Martin.; Langton, Marcia.
Jan-2007Libraries and Knowledge Centres: Implementing public library services in remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory of Australia.Nakata, NM; Nakata, VS; Anderson, J; Hunter, J; Hart, V; Smallacombe, S; McGill, J; Lloyd, B; Richmond, C; Maynard, G
Jan-2005Libraries, Indigenous Australians and a Developing Protocols Strategy for the Library and Information SectorNakata, NM; Byrne, A; Nakata, VS; Gardiner, G
2002Library and information professionals and knowledge management: conceptions, challenges and conflictsTodd, R; Southon, G
-Library of Congress 5Titmarsh, M; Adams, G; Director; Projects, MOP
14-Aug-2003Library Portal & Linking Technology: An Alternative New Way of Delivering InformationFlynn, A
Jan-2010License plate localization based on a probabilistic modelAl-Hmouz, R; Challa, S
-Lichtrythmus.02Bowman, CP; Michael Day
Jan-2007Lie group symmetries as integral transforms of fundamental solutionsCraddock, MJ; Lennox, KA
2012Lie group symmetries of delay and integro differential equationsHunziker, L