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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002Nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite coatings: solution chemistry and analysisMilev, AS; Kannangara, GK; Ben-Nissan, B; Low, IM; Phillips, DN
Jan-2013Nanodiamonds with silicon vacancy defects for non-toxic photostable fluorescent labeling of neural precursor cellsMerson, TD; Castelletto, S; Aharonovich, I; Turbic, A; Kilpatrick, TJ; Turnley, AM
Jan-2013Nanofiltration for water and wastewater treatment - a mini reviewShon, H; Phuntsho, S; Chaudhary, DS; Vigneswaran, S; Cho, J
Jan-2007Nanograin VO2 in the Metal Phase: A Plasmonic System with falling DC Resistivity as Temperature RisesGentle, AR; Maaroof, AI; Smith, G
Jan-2004The NanohouseTM - An Australian initiative for the future of energy efficient housingMuir, JG; Masens, CD; Tomkin, DF; Cortie, MB; al, PJMBE
Jan-2008Nanoindentation hardness of banded Australian sedimentary opalThomas, P; Smallwood, AG; Ray, AS; Briscoe, BJ; Parsonage, D
Jan-2006A nanoindentation study of magnetron co-sputtered nanocrystalline ternary nitride coatingsYeung, WY; Dub, SN; Wuhrer, R; Milman, YV
Jan-2006Nanomaterials for lithium-ion rechargeable batteriesLiu, H; Wang, G; Guo, ZP; Wang, JZ; Konstantinov, K
Jan-2013Nanomedical research in Australia and New ZealandCortie, MB; Al Hafed, E; Chen, H; Valenzuela, S; Ting, S; Sonvico, F; Milthorpe, BK
Jan-2002Nanoparticle physics for energy, lighting and environmental control technologiesSmith, G
2014Nanoparticle transport modelling in saturated porous mediaMoghadas Mehrabi, S
Jan-2002Nanoparticle-doped polymer foils for use in solar control glazingSmith, G; Deller, CA; Swift, PD; Gentle, AR; Garrett, PD; Fisher, WK
21-Apr-2014Nanoparticle-protein corona complexes govern the biological fates and functions of nanoparticlesGunawan, C; Lim, M; Marquis, CP; Amal, R
2007Nanoporous plasmonic coatingsMaaroof, A; Gentle, A; Cortie, M; Smith, G; Smith, GB; Cortie, MB
Jan-2006Nanoscale coatings of AuAlx and PtAlx and their mesoporous elemental derivativesCortie, MB; Maaroof, AI; Smith, G; Ngoepe, P
13-Jan-2015Nanoscale Ion Sequestration To Determine the Polarity Selectivity of Ion Conductance in Carriers and ChannelsCranfield, CG; Bettler, T; Cornell, B
Oct-2015A nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry study of dinoagellate functional diversity in reef-building coralsPernice, M; Dunn, SR; Tonk, L; Dove, SG; Domart-Coulon, I; Hoppe, P; Schintlmeister, A; Wagner, M; Meibom, A
Jan-2009Nanoscience of gold and gold surfacesCortie, MB; McDonagh, AM; Mohr, F
2013Nanosheet-based α-Fe 2 O 3 hierarchical structure decorated with TiO 2 nanospheres via a simple one-pot route: magnetically recyclable photocatalystsAmarjargal, A; Jiang, Z; Tijing, LD; Park, C; Im, I; Kim, CS
Jan-2010Nanosize SnO2 for highly responsive gas sensor applicationsLiu, H; Park, J; Wang, G