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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Microbial community analysis of an aerobic nitrifying-denitrifying MBR treating ABS resin wastewaterChang, Y; Tanong, K; Xu, J; Shon, H
Jan-2012Microbial consortia increase thermal tolerance of coralsGilbert, JA; Hill, R; Doblin, MA; Ralph, PJ
Jan-2012Microbial diversity of biofilm communities in microniches associated with the didemnid ascidian Lissoclinum patellaBehrendt, L; Larkum, A; Trampe, E; Norman, A; Sørensen, S; Kuhl, M
Dec-2014Microbiology: A beacon for bacterial tubulin.Harry, EJ
Jan-2006Microchip free-flow electrophoresis on glass substrate using laser-printing toner as structural materialde Jesus, DP; Blanes, L; do Lago, CL
Jan-1988Microcomputer-based system for tensile testing of biological materialsMilthorpe, BK; Roger, GJ; Schindhelm, K
Jan-2002Microemulsion photopolymerization of methacrylates stabilized with sodium dodecyl sulfate and poly(N-acetylethylenimine) macromonomersDavid, G; Ozer, F; Simionescu, BC; Zareie, HM; Piskin, E
Jan-2002Microencapsulated iNOS-expressing cells cause tumor suppression in miceXu, W; Liu, L; Charles, IG
Oct-2015Microenvironment and phylogenetic diversity of Prochloron inhabiting the surface of crustose didemnid ascidiansNielsen, DA; Pernice, M; Schliep, M; Sablok, G; Jeffries, TC; Kuehl, M; Wangpraseurt, D; Ralph, PJ; Larkum, AWD
Jan-2012Microenvironmental ecology of the chlorophyll b-containing symbiotic cyanobacterium Prochloron in the didemnid ascidian Lissoclinum patellaKuhl, M; Behrendt, L; Trampe, E; Qvortrup, K; Schreiber, U; Borisov, SM; Klimant, I; Larkum, A
2005Microfiltration hybrid systems in wastewater treatment for reuseGuo, W
Jan-2009Microfinance and Rural Household Development: A Ghanaian perspectiveKotir, J; Obeng-Odoom, F
Jan-2008A microfluidic chemotaxis assay to study microbial behavior in diffusing nutrient patchesSeymour, JR; Ahmed, T; Marcos, M; Stocker, R
Jan-2012Microgrid Topology for Different Applications in VietnamPham, H; Hunter, G; Li, L; Zhu, J; N/A
Jan-2008Microlasers based on effective index confined slow light modes in photonic crystal waveguidesGardin, S; Bordas, F; Letartre, X; Seasall, C; Rahmani, A; Bozio, R; Viktorovitch, P
Jan-2003Micromechanics of braided composites via multivariable FEMSun, H; Di, S; Zhang, N; Pan, N; Wu, C
Jan-2001Micromechanics of composite materials using multivariable finite element method and homogeneization theorySun, H; Di, S; Zhang, N; Wu, C
Jan-2004Micrometeorological fluxes under the influence of regional and local advection: a revisitLee, X; Yu, Q; Sun, X; Liu, J; Min, Q; Liu, Y; Zhang, X
2008Micrometeorological measurements of nitrous oxide exchange in a croplandLi, J; Xiaojuan, T; Yu, Q; Dong, Y; Peng, C
Jan-2008Micrometerological measurements of nitrous oxide exchange in a croplandLi, J; Tong, X; Yu, Q; Dong, Y; Peng, C