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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Nanostructured nickel sulfide synthesized via a polyol route as a cathode material for the rechargeable lithium batteryWang, J; Chew, SY; Wexler, D; Wang, G; Ng, SH; Zhong, S; Liu, HK
Jan-2006Nanostructured PbO materials obtained in situ by spray solution technique for Li-ion batteriesKonstantinov, K; Ng, SH; Wang, JZ; Wang, G; Wexler, D; Liu, HK
Jan-2007Nanostructured SnSb/carbon nanotube composites synthesized by reductive precipitation for lithium-ion batteriesPark, MS; Needham, SA; Wang, G; Kang, YM; Park, JS; Dou, SX; Liu, H
2008Nanostructured thin films : plasmon resonance phenomenaGentle, A
Jan-2008Nanostructured TiN Thin films suitable for medical applicationsIslam, H; Wuhrer, R; Berkahn, MB; Cornell, BA; Valenzuela, S; Martin, DK
Jan-2012Nanostructures overcoming the pulmonary barrier: drug delivery strategiesSonvico, F; Colombo, P; Buttini, F; Alonso, MJ; Csaba, NS
Jan-2006Nanotechnology and Developing CountriesMaclurcan, D
Jan-2009Nanotechnology and the Global South: Exploratory Views on Characteristics, Perceptions and ParadigmsMaclurcan, D; Arnaldi, S; Lorenzet, A; Russo, F
2010Nanotechnology and the hope for a more equitable world : a mixed methods studyMaclurcan, DC
Jan-2008Nanotechnology's Controversial Role for the SouthInvernizzi, N; Foladori, G; Maclurcan, D
2012Nanowire array photovoltaics: Radial disorder versus design for optimal efficiencyBjorn, CP; Sturmberg, BCP; Dossou, KB; Botten, LC; Asatryan, AA; Poulton, CG; McPhedran, RC; Sterke, CMD
Jan-2008Narcissism and Neo-Liberalism: Work, leisure, and alienation in an era of consumptionMcDonald, M; Wearing, SL; Ponting, J
Jan-2013NARGES: Prediction Model for Informed Routing in a Communications NetworkHomayounfard, H; Kennedy, PJ; Braun, RM; Pei; J; Tseng; S, V; Cao; L; Motoda; H; Xu; Eds, G
2013NARGES: Prediction Model for Informed Routing in a Communications NetworkHomayounfard, H; Kennedy, PJ; Braun, RM
Jan-2006Narrated Visual Answers to FAQs: leveraging student learning and academic productivity with accessible technologyWilley, K; Freeman, M; Rowe, G; Reid, G
Jan-2010Narrating the Silence of TraumaJoseph, SA; Broderick, M; Traverso, A
Jan-2010'Narrating Translocality: Dagong Poetry and the Subaltern Imagination'Sun, W
Jan-2007Narrativas del cambio: Cultura y desarrollo economico regionalGoodman, DS
Jan-2009Narrative and stories in organizational research: An exploration of gendered politics in research methodologyRhodes, CH; Pullen, A; Buchanan, DA; Bryman, A
Jan-2006Narrative strategies for imaging childhood in some novels of Katherine PetersonMarch, P; Johnston, R; Stephens, J