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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012m-Research: Ethical issues in researching young people's use of mobile devicesBurden, K; Schuck, SR; Aubusson, PJ
Jan-2010m-SNE: Multiview Stochastic Neighbor EmbeddingXie, B; Mu, Y; Tao, D; Wong, KW; Mendis, BS; Bouzerdoum, A
Jan-2011m-SNE: Multiview Stochastic Neighbor EmbeddingXie, B; Mu, Y; Tao, D; Huang, K
Jan-1996M-T2: A poxvirus TNF receptor homologue with dual activitiesSedger, LM; McFadden, G
Jan-2012M. tuberculosis induces potent activation of IDO-1, but this is not essential for the immunological control of infection.Blumenthal, A; Nagalingam, G; Huch, JH; Walker, L; Guillemin, GJ; Smythe, GA; Ehrt, S; Britton, WJ; Saunders, BM
Jan-2009The M17 Leucine Aminopeptidase of the Malaria Parasite Plasmodium falciparum: Importance of Active Site Metal Ions in the Binding of Substrates and InhibitorsMaric, S; Donnelly, SM; Robinson, MW; Skinner-Adams, TS; Trenholme, K; Gardiner, D; Dalton, JP; Stack, CM; Lowther, J
Jan-2007The M18 Aspartyl Aminopeptidase Of The Human Malaria Parasite Plasmodium FalciparumTeuscher, F; Lowther, J; Skinner-Adams, TS; Spielmann, T; Dixon, M; Stack, CM; Donnelly, SM; Mucha, A; Kafarski, P; Vassiliou, S; Gardiner, D; Dalton, JP; Trenholme, K
Jan-2010M6 - On minimal market models and minimal Martingale measuresHulley, H; Schweizer, M; Chiarella, C; Novikov, A
Jan-2004MA-IDS Architecture for Distributed Intrusion Detection using Mobile AgentLi, C; Song, Q; Zhang, C; Shi, F
Jan-2010Mabel Hannah's Justice: a contextual re-reading of Donoghue v Stevensonvan Rijswijk, HM
Jan-2007The Mabo Lecture:The Long Path to Land JusticeBehrendt, LY
Jan-2006MAC performance analysis on two stage HFC access networksGao, F; He, S; Li, Y; Wang, J; Euh, YD
Jan-2009Macaroni MasculinitiesMcNeil, PK; McNeil, P; Karaminas, V
Jan-2003Macaroni Synthesis: A Creative Multimedia CollaborationEdmonds, EA; Candy, L; Fell, M; Knott, R; Weakley, AJ; Unknown
Jan-2004'Macaroni' DressMcNeil, PK; Valerie Steele
Jan-2011Machinable glass-ceramics forming as a restorative dental materialChaysuwan, D; Sirinukunwattana, K; Kanchanatawewat, K; Heness, GL; Yamashita, K
Jan-2010A machine learning based method for classification of fractal features of forearm sEMG using Twin Support vector machinesArjunan, S; Kumar, DK; Naik, G; NA
Jan-2013Machine learning in intelligent image processingTao, D; Wang, D; Murtagh, F
Jan-2005Machine learning techniques and use of event information for stock market prediction: A survey and evaluationYoo, PD; Kim, MH; Jan, T; Mohammadian, M
Jan-2008Machine Learning Techniques For Acquiring New Knowledge in Image TrackingRodriguez, B; Concha, OP; Garcia, J; Molina, JM