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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Chinese Medicine and the Yi Jing's Epistemic MethodologyQu, L; Garvey, M
1-Jan-2013The Chinese Medicine ClinicGarvey, M
1-Jun-2014Chinese Medicine History and Contemporary Practice in the WestGarvey, M
1-Jan-2014Chinese Medicine Research: The Relevance of the Social Sciences for Clinical Decision-MakingGarvey, M
Jan-2013Chinese Medicine Today: Issues for Research, Education and Practice in the WestGarvey, M
Jan-2012Chinese migrant workers: factors constraining the emergence of class consciousnessChan, A; Siu, K; Carrillo, B; Goodman, DSG
Jan-2005Chinese negotiation practice: a perspective from New Zealand exportersStark, A; Fam, KS; Waller, DS; Tian, Z
2009Chinese Nurses' Perceptions of Heart Health Issues Facing Women in China: A Focus Group StudyCao, Y; Digiacomo, M; Du, HY; Davidson, P
20-Jun-2016Chinese Outbound Tourism 2.0Cheng, M
Jan-2012Chinese outward direct investment: case studies of SOEs going globalGuo, Y; Martinez Pacheco, S; Hou, S; Smith, GK; John Garrick
Jan-2009A Chinese State Enterprise under the Reforms: What Model of Capitalism?Chan, A; Unger, J
Jan-2008Chinese Taxation LawStoianoff, NP; Blazey, P; Chan, KW
Jan-2010Chinese Text Detection And Location For Images In Multimedia Messaging ServiceYan, J; Tao, D; Tian, C; Gao, X; Li, X; NA
2014The Chinese Trade Union Federation at the Crossroads - Relaxing Control Over Labour or Risking Labour InstabilityChan, A; Harris, P
15-Jun-2017Chinese Trader Perceptions on Sourcing and Consumption of Endangered SeafoodFabinyi, MG; Barclay, K; Eriksson, H
Jan-2011The Chinese Tradition, China Model and Chinese ModernityFeng, C; Li Honglei
Jan-2012The Chinese Transformation of Corporate CultureHawes, C
Jan-2004The Chinese version of the PSS:PICUYam, BM; Lopez, V; Thompson, D
Jan-2011Chinese Walls: Australian Multiculturalism and the Necessity for Human RightsJakubowicz, AH
Jan-2004Chinese women's campaigns for suffrage: nationalism, Confucianism and political agencyEdwards, LP; Edwards, L; Roces, M