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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Relation-based Message Routing in Wireless Sensor NetworksNikodem, J; Nikodem, M; Woda, M; Klempous, R; Chaczko, ZC; Chinh, MHD; Editor-in-Chief, DYKT
Jan-2009Replicating Cytokines in Modelling Signal Exchange between Nodes in Wireless Mesh NetworksMohamed Mowjoon, D; Agbinya, JI; Chaczko, ZC; Ao, SI; Castillo, O; Douglas, C; Feng, DD; Lee, JA
Jan-2004Secure Network Application ProxyKotwal, A; Chaczko, ZC; Beata, J; Wysocki; Tadeusz, A; Wysocki
Jan-2012Sensor-Actor Networks utilising the Spring Tensor Model for Laparoscopic Surgical Training SimulationsChiu, CC; Chaczko, ZC; Wazirali, R; Agbinya, DJ; Lal, DS
Jan-2010Software Engineering for Mapping Radio Frequency PollutionChaczko, ZC; Agbinya, JI; Aboura, K
Jan-2014The Study of the OFDM and MIMO-OFDM Networks Compatibility - Measurements and SimulationsZielinski, RJ; Kowal, M; Chaczko, ZC; Klempous, R; Nikodem, J; Jacak, W; Chaczko, Z
Jan-2013Teaching and Learning Perspective on System Development in Large TeamsChaczko, ZC; Braun, RM; Braun, RM
Jan-2009Teaching Practice-based Subjects in 3 Time Zones (3TZ) Virtual Student Exchange (VSX) EnvironmentChaczko, ZC; Klempous, R; Nikodem, J; Chaczko, Z; Klempous, R; Nikodem, J
Jan-2004Telecollaboration - A Case Study For Performance Analysis of Voip SystemsMahadevan, V; Chaczko, ZC; No editors
Jan-2009Updating Electronic Health Records with Information from Sensor Systems: Considerations Relating To Standards and Architecture Arising From the Development of a Prototype SystemMoulton, BD; Chaczko, ZC; Karatovic, M
Jan-2013A Virtual Stock Exchange Simulator for Education and TrainingChaczko, ZC; Braun, RM; Jizan, A; Braun, RM
Jan-2009Voice Operated Guidance Systems for Vision Impaired People: Investigating a User-Centered Open Source ModelMoulton, BD; Chaczko, ZC; Pradhan, G