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6-May-2016Call to action: greater investment in the registered nurse role is required to improve care outcomes for dementia patients living in residential aged care and their familiesHickman, LD; Neville, S; Fischer, T; Davidson, PM; Phillips, JL
Jan-2004Capture and use of water by wheat and chickpea in sole crops and intercrops under dryland conditions of South AustraliaJahansooz, M; Yunusa, IA; Coventry, D; Fischer, T; Turner, N; Angus, J; McIntyre, L; Robertson, M; Borrell, A; Lloyd, D
1-Jan-2012Deficits in pain treatment in nursing homes in Germany: a cross-sectional study.Kölzsch, M; Wulff, I; Ellert, S; Fischer, T; Kopke, K; Kalinowski, S; Dräger, D; Kreutz, R
1-Feb-2019Defining definitions: a Delphi study to develop a core outcome set for conditions of severe maternal morbiditySchaap, T; Bloemenkamp, K; Deneux-Tharaux, C; Knight, M; Langhoff-Roos, J; Sullivan, E; van den Akker, T; Rigouzzo, A; Kristufkova, A; Creanga, A; Koopman, A; Gemert, V; Tapper, AM; Dijkman, A; Kwee, A; Franx, A; Veersema, B; Nemethova, B; Seelbach-Göbel, B; Bateman, B; Daelemans, C; Zelop, C; Andersson, C; Nagata, C; Farquhar, C; Huisman, C; von Kaisenberg, C; Henriquez, D; Ellwood, D; Moolenaar, D; Tuffnell, D; Kuklina, E; Main, E; Woods, E; Stekkinger, E; Gollo, E; Goffinet, F; Kainer, F; Mantel, G; Stralen, G; Kayem, G; Duvekot, H; Franz, HBG; Engjom, H; Beenakkers, I; Al-Zirqi, I; Danis, J; Berlac, F; Kurinczuk, J; Langhof-Roos, J; Zwart, J; Roosmalen, J; Klungsor, K; Lust, K; Vetter, K; Calsteren, K; Roelens, K; Krebs, L; Colmorn, B; MacKillop, L; Tanaka, M; Rijken, M; Bonnet, MP; Boer, M; Jokinen, M; Belfort, M; Peek, M; Gisler, M; Foley, M; Tikkanen, M; Korbel, M; Dugatova, M; Laubach, M; Schuitemaker, N; Engel, N; McDonnell, N; Emonts, P; Rozenberg, P; Hillemanns, P; Rauskolb, R; Takeda, S; Donati, S; Ferrazzani, S; Matsubara, S; Saito, S; Jesudason, S; Satoh, S; Vangen, S; Clark, S; Koenen, S; Grüßner, S; Miyashita, S; Fischer, T; Todros, T; Todros, T; Harskamp, V; Mijatovic, V; Basevi, V; Pollock, W; Callaghan, W
1-May-2012Dementia-Specific Quality of Life Instruments and Their Appropriateness in Shared-Housing Arrangements-A Literature StudyGräske, J; Fischer, T; Kuhlmey, A; Wolf-Ostermann, K
22-Aug-2015Diagnostics of pain in old age: Perspectives on a multidimensional phenomenonSirsch, E; Gnass, I; Fischer, T
1-Oct-2017A facilitated approach to family case conferencing for people with advanced dementia living in nursing homes: Perceptions of palliative care planning coordinators and other health professionals in the IDEAL studyLuckett, T; Chenoweth, L; Phillips, J; Brooks, D; Cook, J; Mitchell, G; Pond, D; Davidson, PM; Beattie, E; Luscombe, G; Goodall, S; Fischer, T; Agar, M
1-Nov-2012Health outcomes and quality of life of residents of shared-housing arrangements compared to residents of special care units - results of the Berlin DeWeGE-studyWolf-Ostermann, K; Worch, A; Fischer, T; Wulff, I; Gräske, J
1-Mar-2019Pain assessment in advanced dementia. Validity of the German PAINAD - A prospective double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trialLukas, A; Hagg-Grün, U; Mayer, B; Fischer, T; Schuler, M
1-Aug-2012Pain assessment in elderly nursing home residents. Methods paper for the S3-guideline developmentSirsch, E; Schuler, M; Fischer, T; Gnass, I; Laekeman, MA; Leonhardt, C; Berkemer, E; Drebenstedt, C; Löseke, E; Schwarzmann, G; Kopke, K; Lukas, A
1-Sep-2012Quality of life in dementia care-differences in quality of life measurements performed by residents with dementia and by nursing staffGrske, J; Fischer, T; Kuhlmey, A; Wolf-Ostermann, K
1-Sep-2019Strategies for Pain Assessment in Adult Patients With Delirium: A Scoping ReviewFischer, T; Hosie, A; Luckett, T; Agar, M; Phillips, J
1-Jan-2017Too busy to lead? Current challenges for German nurse leadersTewes, R; Fischer, T