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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2018SME resource acquisition in transition economies: Power dependence and induced briberyWang, KY; Clegg, SR
Jan-2010Supply chain analysis in the Australian lamb processing industryJie, F; Parton, K; Wang, KY; Hughes, K; O'Neill, P; Davis, D; Projogo, D
Jan-2006Teaching performance and turnover: A study of school teachers in SingaporeFang, Y; Wang, KY
Jan-2005Teaching performance and turnover: a study of school teachers in SingaporeFang, Y; Wang, KY; -
Jan-2002The development of trust in employees: a comparative study of managers in collective enterprises, joint ventures and private enterprises in ChinaWang, KY; Renforth, W
Jan-2003Trust and decision-making styles in Chinese township-village enterprisesWang, KY
1-Jan-2010Trust Mode Structure and Its Evolutionary Mechanism in Entrepreneurial TeamsDeng, J; Su, Q; Wang, KY; Duserick, F
Jan-2003Trust procedural justice and decision-making style: a study of collective and private enterprises in the context of China's reformWang, KY
Jan-2007Trustworthiness on social capital of structural hole and firm resource acquisitionWang, KY; Couchman, P
1-Jan-2016Understanding International Business Negotiation Behavior: Credible Commitments, Dispute Resolution, and the Role of InstitutionsWang, Y; Wang, KY; Ma, X
Jan-2003Which managers trust employees? ownership variations in China's transitional economyWang, KY; Warner, M
Jan-2002Which Managers Trust Employees? Ownership Variations in China's transitional EconomyWang, KY
Jan-2005Work values and trust in subordinates in international joint ventures in ChinaWang, KY; Fulop, L; Yao, Y; -