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2023-04Learning to Manage De-escalation Through Simulation: An Exploratory StudyPower, T; Kennedy, P; Chen, H; Martinez-Maldonado, R; McGregor, C; Johnson, A; Townsend, L; Hayes, C
2023-03-13"That Student Should be a Lion Tamer!" StressViz: Designing a Stress Analytics Dashboard for TeachersAlfredo, RD; Nie, L; Kennedy, P; Power, T; Hayes, C; Chen, H; McGregor, C; Swiecki, Z; Gaševic, D; Martinez-Maldonado, R
2023-02-24Postpartum Sexual Function and Satisfaction: A Cross-Sectional Study in Iranian Women.Ashrafinia, F; Chen, H; Abdi, F; Mirzaei, M; Heydari, O; Chen, H
2023-02-22Eco-designed electrocatalysts for water splitting: A path toward carbon neutralityChen, Z; Wei, W; Chen, H; Ni, BJ
2023-02-01Mitochondrial dysfunction in a rat model and the related risk of metabolic disorders.Li, H; Cai, H; Huang, X; Herok, G; He, J; Su, Y; Li, W; Yi, C; Oliver, B; Chen, H
2023Can biomarkers be used to diagnose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?Chen, H; Yang, Y; Odisho, D; Wu, S; Yi, C; Oliver, BG
2023Editorial: Effects of environmental toxins on brain health and development.Kumar, NN; Chan, YL; Chen, H; Oliver, BG
2022-12-10A novel membrane photo-electro oxidizer for advanced treatment of coal processing wastewater: Fouling control and permeate qualityZhang, X; Wang, Z; Huang, J; Chen, H; Liu, Q; Yao, P; Ngo, HH; Nghiem, LD
2022-12-01Occurrence of nitrite-dependent anaerobic methane oxidation bacteria in the continental shelf sedimentsCheng, J; You, H; Tian, M; Kuang, S; Liu, S; Chen, H; Li, X; Liu, H; Liu, T
2022-12Pathological oligodendrocyte precursor cells revealed in human schizophrenic brains and trigger schizophrenia-like behaviors and synaptic defects in genetic animal model.Yu, G; Su, Y; Guo, C; Yi, C; Yu, B; Chen, H; Cui, Y; Wang, X; Wang, Y; Chen, X; Wang, S; Wang, Q; Chen, X; Hu, X; Mei, F; Verkhratsky, A; Xiao, L; Niu, J
2022-11-17Broadband Doherty Power Amplifier Using Short Ended $\lambda $ /4 Transmission Lines Based on the Analysis of Negative Characteristic ImpedanceXu, J-X; Chen, H; Chen, W; Zhang, XY
2022-11-16Surgical decompression for malignant cerebral oedema after ischaemic stroke.Dower, A; Mulcahy, M; Maharaj, M; Chen, H; Lim, CED; Li, Y; Sheridan, M
2022-11-15Sex-Dependent Responses to Maternal Exposure to PM2.5 in the Offspring.Chen, H; Van Reyk, D; Oliveira, A; Chan, YL; Town, SE; Rayner, B; Pollock, CA; Saad, S; George, J; Padula, MP; Oliver, BG
2022-11-09Maternal plasma proteome profiling of biomarkers and pathogenic mechanisms of early-onset and late-onset preeclampsia.Chen, H; Aneman, I; Nikolic, V; Karadzov Orlic, N; Mikovic, Z; Stefanovic, M; Cakic, Z; Jovanovic, H; Town, SEL; Padula, MP; McClements, L
2022-10-17DA-Net: Distributed Attention Network for Temporal Knowledge Graph ReasoningLiu, K; Zhao, F; Chen, H; Li, Y; Xu, G; Jin, H
2022-10-04Systemic Biomarkers and Unique Pathways in Different Phenotypes of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction.Chen, H; Tesic, M; Nikolic, VN; Pavlovic, M; Vucic, RM; Spasic, A; Jovanovic, H; Jovanovic, I; Town, SEL; Padula, MP; McClements, L
2022-09-14Navigating the Trade-offs between Independence and Collaboration: A Network Analytic Method and Case StudyZhang, Y; Wu, M; Wang, X; Chen, H
2022-09-01Reply to Duric.Chen, H; van Reyk, D
2022-09-01Cation-Diffusion-Based Simultaneous Bulk and Surface Passivations for High Bandgap Inverted Perovskite Solar Cell Producing Record Fill Factor and EfficiencyMahmud, MA; Zheng, J; Tang, S; Wang, G; Bing, J; Bui, AD; Qu, J; Yang, L; Liao, C; Chen, H; Bremner, SP; Nguyen, HT; Cairney, J; Ho-Baillie, AWY
2022-09Cell delivery systems: Toward the next generation of cell therapies for type 1 diabetes.Dang, HP; Chen, H; Dargaville, TR; Tuch, BE