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2023-04-013-Methoxytyrosine as an indicator of dopaminergic manipulation in equine plasma.Keen, B; Cawley, A; Reedy, B; Noble, G; Loy, J; Fu, S
2021-03-01Developing Transition Research for Disruptive Technology: 3D Printing InnovationLoy, J; Novak, J; Scerri, M; Chowdhury, M; Skllern, K; Saruchera, F
2021Developing Transition Research for Disruptive TechnologyLoy, J; Novak, JI; Scerri, M; Chowdhury, MMHH; Skellern, K
2020-12-01Impacts of Additive Manufacturing for the Surgical and Medical Device Supply ChainScerri, M; Skllern, K; Chowdhury, M; Loy, J; Novak, J
2019-06-28Designing Thin 2.5D Parts Optimized for Fused Deposition ModelingLiu, M; Novak, J; Loy, J
2019The Future of Product Design Education Industry 4.0Loy, J; Novak, J; Raman, A; Rathakrishnan, M
2019Building Relationships: Changing Technology and SocietyLoy, J; Schork, T; Koç, G; Christiansen, B
2018-11-19A Pilot Study for Utilizing Additive Manufacturing and Responsive Rewards in Physical Activity GamificationNovak, J; Loy, J
2018-06-18Future care: rethinking technology enhanced aged care environmentsLoy, J; Haskell, N
2018-05-01Understanding the scope for a product design education discourse on additive manufacturingLoy, J
2017-12-31Responsive Tangible Rewards in Physical Activity GamificationNovak, JI; Loy, J; Seemann, K; Barron, D
2017-07-13Digital technologies and 4D customized design: Challenging conventions with responsive designNovak, JI; Loy, J
2017-07-13Digital technologies and 4D customized design: Challenging conventions with responsive designNovak, JI; Loy, J
2017-02-09Whose Job is it? 3D Scanning Design for InnovationLittle, C; Loy, J
2017-01-01The creative engineering education imperative for twenty-First century livingLoy, J; Canning, S
2017Recoding Product Design Education: Visual Coding for Human Machine InterfacesNovak, J; Loy, J
2016-11-30Designers Don’t Text - They Visualise: Integrating Coding into the University Design CurriculumNovak, JI; Loy, J; James, D; Javanbakht, Z; Öchsner, A
2016Redesigning production systemsLoy, J; Tatham, P; Muthu, SS; Savalani, MM
20163D printing meets humanitarian design research: Creative technologies in remote regionsLoy, J; Tatham, P; Healey, R; Tapper, CL; Bennewith, C; Brooks, T; Dorin, A; Greuter, S; Loy, J
20163D Printing Sociocultural SustainabilityLoy, J; Canning, S; Haskell, N; Muthu, SS; Savalani, MM