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12-Jun-2017Playing the game: Explaining how Luxembourg has responded to the Networked Readiness IndexBinsfeld, N; Whalley, J; Pugalis, L
1-Feb-2017Leadership and systems of governance: the constraints on the scope for leadership of place-based development in sub-national territoriesBentley, G; Pugalis, L; Shutt, J
1-Jan-2017The resilience of growth strategiesPugalis, L; Gray, N; Townsend, A
1-Jan-2017From theory to practice in place-based development approaches: Local, regional and national implementation challengesPugalis, L
2017Metropolitan and Regional Economic Development: Competing and Contested Local Government Roles in Australia in the 21st CenturyPugalis, L; Tan, S; Dalziel, P
30-Nov-2016Place-based subnational development: Unpacking some of the key conceptual strands and normative dispositionsGray, N; Pugalis, L
1-Aug-2016Competing against yourself: State duopoly in the Luxembourg telecommunications industryBinsfeld, N; Whalley, J; Pugalis, L
2-Jan-2016Austere State Strategies: Regenerating for Recovery and the Resignification of RegenerationPugalis, L
1-Jan-2016New approaches to growth planning on larger-than-local scalesPugalis, L; Townsend, A; Gray, N; Ankowska, A
1-Jan-2016Tough times, difficult choices and public entrepreneurship: Is sponsorship a winning solution?Pugalis, L; Davidson, J; McLeay, F; Round, A
1-Jan-2016Toonsformation: Skateboarders' renegotiation of city rightsPugalis, L; Swords, J; Jeffries, M; Giddings, B
1-Jan-2016New regional development paradigms: An exposition of place-based modalitiesPugalis, L; Gray, N
2016Competing through e-skills: Luxembourg and its second level digital divideBinsfeld, N; Whalley, J; Pugalis, L
1-Dec-2015Making Sense of Learning: Insights from an Experientially-Based Undergraduate Entrepreneurship ProgrammeBlackwood, T; Round, A; Pugalis, L; Hatt, L
1-Jan-2015Is the grass always greener? Making sense of convergence and divergence in regeneration policies in England and ScotlandMcguinness, D; Greenhalgh, P; Pugalis, L
1-Jan-2015The entrepreneurial middle ground: Higher education entry decisions of aspiring entrepreneursPugalis, L; Round, A; Blackwood, T; Hatt, L
1-Jan-2015The English urban policy debate: An urban policy for allPugalis, L
1-Dec-2014Is health care expenditure across Europe converging? Findings from the application of a nonlinear panel unit root testLau, CKM; Fung, KWT; Pugalis, L
1-Mar-2014The emergence of ‘new’ spatial coalitions in the pursuit of functional regions of governancePugalis, L; Townsend, AR
1-Jan-2014Pushing it! austerity urbanism and dispersed leadership through ‘fleet-of-foot’ mechanisms in times of crisisPugalis, L; Townsend, A; Johnston, L