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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-06-01The aminopeptidase inhibitor CHR-2863 is an orally bioavailable inhibitor of murine malariaSkinner-Adams, TS; Peatey, CL; Anderson, K; Trenholme, KR; Krige, D; Brown, CL; Stack, C; Nsangou, DMM; Mathews, RT; Thivierge, K; Dalton, JP; Gardiner, DL
2011-01The artists and their projectsLally, E; mar, P; Ang, I; Anderson, K; Kelly, M; Lally, E; Ang, I; Anderson, K
2021-08-12Epilogue: Reflections from International Mentors of the Quality Improvement Training Programme in IndiaLorenz, K; Dy, S; DeNatale, M; Rabow, MW; Spruijt, O; Anderson, K; Agar, M; Mickelsen, J; Vallath, N
2011-01Expanding the horizons of possibility: the art of brokerageMcQueenie, J; Lally, E; Lally, E; Ang, I; Anderson, K
2019-09-18An exploration of healthcare providers' experiences and perspectives of Traditional and complementary medicine usage and disclosure by Indigenous cancer patientsGall, A; Anderson, K; Adams, J; Matthews, V; Garvey, G
2019-08-01Exploring traditional and complementary medicine use by Indigenous Australian women undergoing gynaecological cancer investigationsGall, A; Anderson, K; Diaz, A; Matthews, V; Adams, J; Taylor, T; Garvey, G
2006Exurban Noir Research WorkshopBurke, A; Paulos, E; Anderson, K; Williams, A
2016-11-01Functional priorities in persons with spinal cord injury: Using discrete choice experiments to determine preferencesLo, C; Tran, Y; Anderson, K; Craig, A; Middleton, J
2011-01Introduction: What is the art of engagement?Ang, I; Lally, E; Anderson, K; mar, P; Kelly, M; Lally, E; Ang, I; Anderson, K
2005-01Mobile government - converging technologies and transition strategiesAl-Khamayseh, SA; Lawrence, EM; Anderson, K; Gronlund, A; Traunmuller, R; Wimmer, M
2006-01Networking culture: a strategic approach to cultural development in Western SydneyLally, E; Lee-Shoy, T; Anderson, K
2021-02Plasmodium falciparum Histidine-Rich Protein 2 and 3 Gene Deletions in Strains from Nigeria, Sudan, and South Sudan.Prosser, C; Gresty, K; Ellis, J; Meyer, W; Anderson, K; Lee, R; Cheng, Q
2011-01Practising innovation: the power of the artistLally, E; Lally, E; Ang, I; Anderson, K
2019-01-01A systematic review of the approaches to multi-level learning in the general practice context, using a realist synthesis approach: BEME Guide No. 55Dick, ML; Henderson, M; Wei, Y; King, D; Anderson, K; Thistlethwaite, J
2021-01-01The Palliative Care-Promoting Access and Improvement of the Cancer Experience (PC-PAICE) Project in India: A Multisite International Quality Improvement Collaborative.Lorenz, KA; Mickelsen, J; Vallath, N; Bhatnagar, S; Spruyt, O; Rabow, M; Agar, M; Dy, SM; Anderson, K; Deodhar, J; Digamurti, L; Palat, G; Rayala, S; Sunilkumar, MM; Viswanath, V; Warrier, JJ; Gosh-Laskar, S; Harman, SM; Giannitrapani, KF; Satija, A; Pramesh, CS; DeNatale, M
2021-10The three major axes of terrestrial ecosystem function.Migliavacca, M; Musavi, T; Mahecha, MD; Nelson, JA; Knauer, J; Baldocchi, DD; Perez-Priego, O; Christiansen, R; Peters, J; Anderson, K; Bahn, M; Black, TA; Blanken, PD; Bonal, D; Buchmann, N; Caldararu, S; Carrara, A; Carvalhais, N; Cescatti, A; Chen, J; Cleverly, J; Cremonese, E; Desai, AR; El-Madany, TS; Farella, MM; Fernández-Martínez, M; Filippa, G; Forkel, M; Galvagno, M; Gomarasca, U; Gough, CM; Göckede, M; Ibrom, A; Ikawa, H; Janssens, IA; Jung, M; Kattge, J; Keenan, TF; Knohl, A; Kobayashi, H; Kraemer, G; Law, BE; Liddell, MJ; Ma, X; Mammarella, I; Martini, D; Macfarlane, C; Matteucci, G; Montagnani, L; Pabon-Moreno, DE; Panigada, C; Papale, D; Pendall, E; Penuelas, J; Phillips, RP; Reich, PB; Rossini, M; Rotenberg, E; Scott, RL; Stahl, C; Weber, U; Wohlfahrt, G; Wolf, S; Wright, IJ; Yakir, D; Zaehle, S; Reichstein, M
2018-09-01Traditional and Complementary Medicine Use Among Indigenous Cancer Patients in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States: A Systematic ReviewGall, A; Leske, S; Adams, J; Matthews, V; Anderson, K; Lawler, S; Garvey, G
2020-11-17What Matters 2 Adults: a study protocol to develop a new preference-based wellbeing measure with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults (WM2Adults).Howard, K; Anderson, K; Cunningham, J; Cass, A; Ratcliffe, J; Whop, LJ; Dickson, M; Viney, R; Mulhern, B; Tong, A; Garvey, G