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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20221.5 °C pathways for the Global Industry Classification (GICS) sectors chemicals, aluminium, and steel.Teske, S; Niklas, S; Talwar, S; Atherton, A
2018-09Addressing plastic pollution in India, Report on Mumbai July 2018 Business Forum on Addressing Plastic Pollution in IndiaLewis, H; Atherton, A
2018-07Addressing plastic pollution in India: Background paper prepared for Mumbai July 2018 Business forum on Addressing Plastic Pollution in IndiaLewis, H; Retamal, M; Atherton, A
2011-11-09The Australian experience of World Wide Views on global warming: The first global deliberation processHerriman, J; Atherton, A; Vecellio, L
2015-01-01Building a Level Playing Field for Local Energy: Local Network Charges and Local Electricity Trading ExplainedRutovitz, J; Langham, E; Atherton, A; McIntosh, L
2021-10-06Developing the future energy workforce. Opportunity assessment for RACE for 2030Rutovitz, J; Visser, D; Sharpe, S; Taylor, H; Jennings, K; Atherton, A; Briggs, C; Mey, F; Niklas, S; Bos, A; Ferraro, S; Mahmoudi, F; Dwyer, S; Sharp, D; Mortimer, G
2009-09-14Energy Sector Jobs to 2030: A Global AnalysisAtherton, A; Rutovitz, J
2019-08Improving Gender Diversity in CompaniesKlettner, A; Atherton, A; Clarke, T; Winterford, K
2021-05Knowledge Sharing for Impact: Final ReportRiedy, C; Atherton, A; Nagrath, K
2016-09-01Local Electricity Trading: Issues for RetailersRutovitz, J; Atherton, A; McIntosh, L; Langham, E; Downes, J
2018-09-01Local network credits and local electricity trading: Results of virtual trials and the policy implicationsRutovitz, J; Oliva H., S; McIntosh, L; Langham, E; Teske, S; Atherton, A; Kelly, S
2016-09-01Methodology for calculating a local network creditMcIntosh, L; Langham, E; Rutovitz, J; Atherton, A
2019-10Multinational Corporations and their SubsidiariesKlettner, A; Clarke, T; Atherton, A
2016-12-01Packaging Sustainability in Consumer Companies in Emerging Markets: Final ReportKelly, S; Lewis, H; Atherton, A; Downes, J; Wyndham, J; Giurco, D
2013-01-01Political influence in the context of Australian WWViewsHerriman, J; White, S; Atherton, A
2020-07-28Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund Program Evaluation ReportAtherton, A; Nagrath, K; Bliemel, M; Chong, J; Cotton, D
2020-11-19Sectoral pathways to net zero emissionsTeske, S; Niklas, S; Atherton, A; Kelly, S; Herring, J
2019-02Sustainable Sydney 2050: MegatrendsRiedy, C; Atherton, A; Jazbec, M
2019-04Sustainable Sydney 2050: ScenariosRiedy, C; Atherton, A; Jazbec, M
2017-09-19Universities as facilitators of change: The role of research in achieving the Sustainable Development GoalsChong, J; Atherton, A; Leahy, C; White, S