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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991-01-01Cardiovascular effects of a chlorpheniramine/paracetamol combination in hypertensive patients who were sensitive to the pressor effect of pseudoephedrine.Chua, S; Benrimoj, S; Gordon, R; Williams, G
2019-12-30Collaborative care protocols for the management of minor ailments agreed between pharmacists and medical practitioners: INDICA+PRO StudyAmador-Fernandez, N; Benrimoj, S; Baixauli Fernandez, VJ; Climent Catala, MT; Colomer Molina, V; Esteban Jimenez, O; Fernandez San Jose, B; Garcia Agudo, O; Garcia Cardenas, V; Garcia Garcia, JI; Gastelurrutia, MA; Martinez, JCG; Roca, FV; Martinez, FM
2021-03-01Community pharmacists' perspectives about the sustainability of professional pharmacy services: A qualitative studyCrespo-Gonzalez, C; Benrimoj, S; Scerri, M; Garcia-Cardenas, V
1989-01-01A controlled clinical trial on the cardiovascular effects of single doses of pseudoephedrine in hypertensive patients.Chua, S; Benrimoj, S; Gordon, R; Williams, G
2016-11-01Cost-effectiveness of professional pharmacy services in community pharmacy: a systematic reviewMalet-Larrea, A; García-Cárdenas, V; Sáez-Benito, L; Benrimoj, S; Calvo, B; Goyenechea, E
2021-09-16Cost-utility analysis of medication review with follow-up for cardiovascular outcomes: A microsimulation model.Ahumada-Canale, A; Vargas, C; Martinez-Mardones, F; Plaza-Plaza, JC; Benrimoj, S; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2013-05-07Cross-cultural adaptation of the Beliefs about Medicines Questionnaire into PortugueseSalgado, T; Marques, A; Geraldes, L; Benrimoj, S; Horne, R; Fernandez-Llimos, F
2021-07-19Data-driven approach for tailoring facilitation strategies to overcome implementation barriers in community pharmacyMoussa, L; Benrimoj, S; Musial, K; Kocbek, S; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2014-01Development of a theoretically based implementation protocol.Moullin, J; Sabater-Hernández, D; Benrimoj, S
2019-09-01Economic evaluations of pharmacist-led medication review in outpatients with hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and dyslipidaemia: a systematic reviewAhumada-Canale, A; Quirland, C; Martinez-Mardones, FJ; Plaza-Plaza, JC; Benrimoj, S; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2015-01-01From "retailers" to health care providers: Transforming the role of community pharmacists in chronic disease managementMossialos, E; Courtin, E; Naci, H; Benrimoj, S; Bouvy, M; Farris, K; Noyce, P; Sketris, I
2021-02-05Medication review with follow-up for cardiovascular outcomes: a trial based cost-utility analysis.Ahumada-Canale, A; Vargas, C; Balmaceda, C; Martinez-Mardones, F; Plaza-Plaza, JC; Benrimoj, S; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2019Pharmaceutical Care and implementation strategiesGarcia Cardenas, M; Rossing, C; Benrimoj, S