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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07-11A musical game of bowls featuring the DIADsBown, O; Ferguson, S
2022-06-13Buildings as Audio Visual Synthesisers: Experiments Performing Live Music on Wirelessly Networked Multi-Speaker Media ArchitecturesBown, O; Mikolajczyk, K; Ferguson, S; Carey, B
2020-02-06Creative coding and interaction design for media multiplicities: Challenges, paradigms and frameworksBown, O; Fraietta, A; Ferguson, S; Loke, L
2017-06-22Creative coding for the raspberry pi using the happybrackets platformFerguson, S; Bown, O
2018-02-01Creative media + the internet of things = media multiplicitiesBown, O; Ferguson, S
2015-08-14Distributed Interactive Audio Devices: Creative strategies and audience responses to novel musical interaction scenariosBown, O; Loke, L; Ferguson, SJ; Reinhardt, D; Schiphorst, T; Pasquier, P
2019-06-03Facilitating Creative Exploratory Search with Multiple Networked Audio Devices Using HappyBracketsBown, O; Ferguson, S; Bray, L; Fraietta, A; Loke, L
2020-02-09'The Ghosts of Roller Disco', a Choreographed, Interactive Performance for Robotic Roller SkatesMarynowsky, W; Ferguson, S; Fraietta, A; Bown, O
2021-12-01Hacking the Medium: Shaping the creative constraints of network architectures in multiplicitous media artworksBown, O; Ferguson, S; Dias Pereira Dos Santos, A; Mikolajczyk, K
2017-06-22Networked pixels: Strategies for building visual and auditory images with distributed independent devicesFerguson, S; Rowe, A; Bown, O; Birtles, L; Bennewith, C
2020-06-24Rapid Composition for a Multi-Device Networked Music PlatformFerguson, S; Turnbull Tillman, D; Bown, O; Fraietta, A; Spagnol, S; Valle, A
2020-06-01Rapid composition for networked devices: HappybracketsFraietta, A; Bown, O; Ferguson, S; Gillespie, S; Bray, L
2023-06-15Sonic Robotics: Musical Genres as Platforms for Understanding Robotic Performance as Cultural EventsMarynowsky, W; Knowles, J; Ferguson, S; Bown, O
2017-05-15Sound Design for a System of 1000 Distributed Independent Audio-Visual DevicesFerguson, SJ; Rowe, A; Bown, O; Birtles, L; Bennewith, C; Erkut, C
-Space shaping in the design process for creative coding: a case study in media multiplicitiesMikolajczyk, K; Ferguson, S; Candy, L; dos Santos, ADP; Bown, O
2021-10-13Supporting Creative Practice in Wireless Distributed Sound Installations Given Technical ConstraintsBown, O; Ferguson, S; Dos Santos, ADP; Mikolajczyk, K
2020-09-01Transparent Communication within MultiplicitiesFraietta, A; Bown, O; Ferguson, S
2018-03-01Understanding media multiplicitiesBown, O; Ferguson, S
2018-10-23Your move sounds so predictable!Loke, L; Bown, O; Ferguson, S; Bray, L; Fraietta, A; Packham, K