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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-10-01Alternative futures: Fields, boundaries, and divergent professionalisation strategies within the Chiropractic professionBrosnan, C
2013-12-01Authentic early experience in Medical Education: A socio-cultural analysis identifying important variables in learning interactions within workplacesYardley, S; Brosnan, C; Richardson, J; Hays, R
2014-01-01Between the bench, the bedside and the office: The need to build bridges between working neuroscientists and ethicistsBrosnan, C; Cribb, A
2022Classifying knowledge used in complementary medicine consultations: A qualitative systematic reviewDavies, K; Heinsch, M; Tickner, C; Brosnan, C; Steel, A; Patel, G; Marsh, M
2013-01-01The consequences of authentic early experience for medical students: Creation of mētisYardley, S; Brosnan, C; Richardson, J
2014-01-01Enacting the ‘neuro’ in practice: Translational research, adhesion and the promise of porosityBrosnan, C; Michael, M
2016-05-03Epistemic cultures in complementary medicine: knowledge-making in university departments of osteopathy and Chinese medicineBrosnan, C
2017-09-01Examining Interprofessional Education Through the Lens of Interdisciplinarity: Power, Knowledge and New Ontological SubjectsOlson, RE; Brosnan, C
2016-08-01Experiences of medical students who are first in family to attend universityBrosnan, C; Southgate, E; Outram, S; Lempp, H; Wright, S; Saxby, T; Harris, G; Bennett, A; Kelly, B
2013-01-01How and why social science theory can contribute to medical education researchBrosnan, C
2011-01-01Introducing medical students to reflective practiceChambers, S; Brosnan, C; Hassell, A
2021-08-06Naturopaths’ mobilisation of knowledge and information in clinical practice: an international cross-sectional surveySteel, A; Leach, M; Brosnan, C; Ward, V; Lloyd, I
2013-11-01Neuroscientists' everyday experiences of ethics: The interplay of regulatory, professional, personal and tangible ethical spheresBrosnan, C; Cribb, A; Wainwright, SP; Williams, C
2018-07-01Nurses’ attitudes and behaviour towards patients’ use of complementary therapies: A mixed methods studyHall, H; Brosnan, C; Cant, R; Collins, M; Leach, M
2017-04-01Nurses’ attitudes towards complementary therapies: A systematic review and meta-synthesisHall, H; Leach, M; Brosnan, C; Collins, M
2018-06-01Nurses’ communication regarding patients’ use of complementary and alternative medicineHall, H; Brosnan, C; Frawley, J; Wardle, J; Collins, M; Leach, M
2019-09-02Professional identity and epistemic stress: complementary medicine in the academyBrosnan, C; Cribb, A
2015-12-01‘Quackery’ in the Academy? Professional Knowledge, Autonomy and the Debate over Complementary Medicine DegreesBrosnan, C
2016-01-01Regional Influences on Chinese Medicine Education: Comparing Australia and Hong KongBrosnan, C; Chung, VCH; Zhang, AL; Adams, J
2018-08-01Registered Nurses’ communication about patients’ use of complementary therapies: A national surveyHall, H; Leach, MJ; Brosnan, C; Cant, R; Collins, M