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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2011Comparing designs for choice experiments: A case studyBurgess, L; Street, DJ; Wasi, N
3-Jan-2007The Construction of Optimal Stated Choice Experiments: Theory and MethodsStreet, DJ; Burgess, L
1-Jan-2012Design of choice experiments in health economicsBurgess, L; Street, DJ; Viney, R; Louviere, J
1-Aug-2008Designing discrete choice experiments: Do optimal designs come at a price?Louviere, JJ; Islam, T; Wasi, N; Street, D; Burgess, L
26-Mar-2012Designs for Choice Experiments for the Multinomial Logit ModelStreet, DJ; Burgess, L
Mar-2011Early rehabilitation management after stroke: what do stroke patients prefer?Laver, K; Ratcliffe, J; George, S; Lester, L; Walker, R; Burgess, L; Crotty, M
1-Jan-2008Modeling the choices of individual decision-makers by combining efficient choice experiment designs with extra preference informationLouviere, JJ; Street, D; Burgess, L; Wasi, N; Islam, T; Marley, AAJ
1-Jan-2004Optimal and near-optimal pairs for the estimation of effects in 2-level choice experimentsStreet, DJ; Burgess, L
1-Nov-2003Optimal Designs for 2<sup>k</sup> Choice ExperimentsBurgess, L; Street, DJ
1-Sep-2005Optimal designs for choice experiments with asymmetric attributesBurgess, L; Street, DJ
2-Jul-2012Optimal designs for stated choice experiments that incorporate position effectsBush, S; Street, DJ; Burgess, L
1-Jul-2010Optimal designs for stated choice experiments that incorporate tiesBush, S; Burgess, L; Street, D
1-Dec-2006The optimal size of choice sets in choice experimentsBurgess, L; Street, DJ
1-Dec-2004Optimal stated preference choice experiments when all choice sets contain a specific optionStreet, DJ; Burgess, L
1-Dec-2005Quick and easy choice sets: Constructing optimal and nearly optimal stated choice experimentsStreet, DJ; Burgess, L; Louviere, JJ
6-Jul-2008Some open combinatorial problems in the design of stated choice experimentsStreet, DJ; Burgess, L
3-Jan-2011Valuing child health utility 9D health states with a young adolescent sample: A feasibility study to compare best-worst scaling discrete-choice experiment, standard gamble and time trade-off methodsRatcliffe, J; Couzner, L; Flynn, T; Sawyer, M; Stevens, K; Brazier, J; Burgess, L